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1. Danish Danmark Internship Program:
The paid internship program in Denmark is a good opportunity for students studying at the system of Universities and Colleges majoring in Agriculture (Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Extension, Rural Development). , Agro-forestry…) nationwide can learn, practice, develop skills as well as gain practical specialized experience in one of the world’s leading developed countries. This is also an opportunity for students to earn a significant additional income during a year of specialized internship in Denmark.
Announcement of recruitment of paid interns in Germany, subjects who have graduated in animal husbandry. Have graduated from Animal Husbandry or related fields (No more than 4 years). Good health, no infectious diseases. Good communication in English. Candidates have 18 months of paid internship in Germany Salary rate before tax:
First 6 months: 1587 EUR/month ~ 46,600,000 VND/month
Next 12 months for students under 25 years old: 1841
EUR/month ~ 50,600,000 VND/month , over 25 years old 2132
EUR/month ~ 58,600,000 VND/month
Accommodation provided near the workplace for monthly rent
Regarding Denmark, we can confidently say that this is an extremely beautiful and interesting country, with majestic landscapes and a fairly high standard of living for its people. It is not surprising that for agricultural students, internships on farms in Denmark are an opportunity to visit the country, applying best practices from the farm generation. old camp and improve their welfare, earning a decent amount of money during their internship. Interning on a farm in Denmark is the first step you can take towards achieving your life goals.
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